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Local DVD Rentals


88-90 High St, Ashford TN24 8SE, UK – 0330 123 5986

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. As long as you avoid shopping online with them you'll be fine.

Ok. This is only for the Ashford location. Whilst not perfect, there are some issues around opening on time, this store still warrants 5 stars up from 3 stars previously. I bought a laptop over a year ago....came to trade it in and it broke under testing. Not a problem, they returned it for a warranty repair allowing me credit to buy something else. Five weeks ago I got a iPhone X. Two days ago it was blacklisted as the previous owner either failed to pay his contract bill or turned it in for an insurance job. Again not a problem. Changed out for another iPhone X. Ok yes it’s their rules and warranty and they have to do it however in both cases took less than 15 mins to sort me out and there was no eye rolling or attitude. I’ve never had issues with product from this location and it was refreshing to have two experiences where I was able to complete a return without feeling like I was in some way taking advantage. Staff are always talkative too In most cases and seem genuine when discussing product or games.


70 - 72 High Street, Ashford TN24 8TB, UK – 01233 646304

I'd love to support the high street but only use Smith's for magazines as everything else is available much cheaper online or in the supermarket.

This is a typical smiths... looking for a book and a magazine... found neither....

Alakazam Magic Shop

113 Ellingham Way, Ashford TN23 6LZ, UK – 01233 637888

Got some excellent mentoring over the phone from Andy to help me make the jump from performing magic tricks as a hobby to entertainment people as a way of earning an income. I really like the fact that Andy not only knows his stuff so to speak with his vast wealth, experience and time in the magic community but he's also super lovely, nice and friendly! Andy's the best! =)

Been going there for years. Love the place and love the people who work there. Knowledgeable and friendly, pop down there and take in the experience of a special magic shop

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